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Fr. Stephen J. Muth’s ministries have been spread over many places over the last thirty-five years. Father Stephen has helped many people deal with day-to-day problems and find strength in their faith. 

In 1982, Fr. Stephen was ordained a priest in Toronto, Canada. Thereafter, he accomplished pastoral work in the following areas: 

Monastic formation 
Parish work 
Hospital chaplaincy 
Drug and alcohol counseling 
Prison chaplaincy 
Work in residential support of discharged psychiatric patients 
Spiritual Direction 

Fr. Stephen is extremely sympathetic to all abused victims. Those victims and their families deserve everyone’s support and prayers. Nonetheless, a few individuals have exploited the abuse scandal to make quick money. Sadly, after Fr. Stephen’s extensive career in serving the Church in parishes and institutions, he was wrongfully accused of misconduct by a grown man. 

The Independent Review Board of the Diocese promptly investigated the man’s accusations and found them to be false. 

The United States Federal District Court granted Father Stephen judgment as a matter of law in his favor and dismissed the fraudulent allegations with prejudice, meaning that this grown man is forever barred from bringing these false accusations again. 

Fr. Stephen prevailed through a process that was intended to demean him and extort Fr. Stephen into paying money to a man desperate to satisfy his multiple addictions. 

Fr. Stephen looks forward to a life of continued service, of labor and love in proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ.